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Thread: Hacked warning on Google search results

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    Hacked warning on Google search results

    Are you aware that searching for Tarmac Talk on Google displays a "this site may be hacked" warning?

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    Probably something on your end... all clear here!

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    Really? Happens on every PC I try, and my phone.

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    Sign off from google and try again... or incognito/stealth/etc.

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    Incognito mode above, like I say this happens on every PC I try. I don't need to be signed in.

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    I think I know what that is. They sent me an email a while back, but it's a non-problem that they have gotten wrong. However, it looks like I'll have to fix it.

    They are concerned that the home page redirects to /forum/

    If a redirect is to a subdirectory, it shouldn't be a concern. Dunno why they are flagging this.

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    Hmmm I now see what you meant, sorry! I thought it was the hack sign you get when you click on dodgy website... which sometimes isn't dodgy at all!

    Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it
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    Meanwhile, welcome Mr Ex President to TT. Good luck to the Mrs.

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