Yamaha put the ECU on the outside of the frame on the 2015+ R1, which seems rather a silly place for delicate electronics on a racing motorcycle. So as not to crush said ECU in a slide, here's how to mount it safely under the tank.

Difficulty: Low
Time: About an hour
Risk of fuckup: Low

After removing the road gear and the plastic ECU bracket, peel the foam and heatshield from the back of the panel.

Unplug the ECU, and the nearby throttle body plug under the frame (for ease of access).

Tank off. Poke the two ECU plugs through, under the frame, either side of the existing wiring.

Check the orientation of the ECU so that it matches the plug layout (ie ridged side up). Turn the heatshield over and place the ECU on top. Tape the heatshield in place with some duct tape.

Plug in the ECU. Just sit it on top of the gearbox, underneath any and all cables and wiring. The tank will hold it snugly in place when you put the tank back on.

Plug the throttle body back in. Done!

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