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Thread: Oz Historic Championship video P4 P5 and P6 125 and 250's race

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    Oz Historic Championship video P4 P5 and P6 125 and 250's race

    Period 4 250's, Period 5 125's and 250's plus Period 6 125.

    Good racing all weekend with no rain and mid to high 20's temp with no rain during the days. Only a few red flags and only one extended stoppage from memory on Saturday which was good considering the numbers of races over the weekend. There was one serious accident on Sunday which called for the chopper but I don't have any details on what happened. We were held on the grid for a long time while the chopper came in to land which had one bloke DNS/DNF on the start grid due to overheating I assume. Even with the few stoppages and re runs of a couple of races, the whole race program was run with no reduction in races or laps.

    Personally I didn't have the best racing weekend due to a few minor mechanical issues and a few close calls from over aggressive riders which made me a bit more conservative but since I was a long way off the pace of the front runners I was there to enjoy riding around and having looking at the other race bikes in the pits from around the country.

    Ended up having to borrow an exhaust system on the Sunday, thanks to Terry K and son, a team from QLD in the pit next to me. The shape of the exhaust pipe caused me a few troubles with lack of clearance on the gear lever making it hard to downshift correctly, plus the exhaust stinger started to rotate around on the mount. I had a DNF and a DNS for the last two races of the weekend due to that problem but was happy to put the bike back on the trailer in one piece and enjoy watching the last round of races.

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    Wow, never seen onboard Wakey from a 125cc. Actually looks like a lot of fun!
    Sounds like a hectic weekend tho, glad you finished in one piece tho
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