If I leave the carby bikes with gas in the tank the garage stinks of fuel really badly. I have been siphoning the fuel out and then draining the carb bowls to resolve. I also don't want to leave gas in bike that may not be used for a while.

Has to be an easier way.

Was thinking of putting a quick disconnects on the fuel line and running it so that I can disconnect it and connect a tail piece into the disconnected line and run that into an external fuel tank (maybe a Tuff Jug :-). Then turn ignition on which will start fuel pump to empty the tank. Then reconnect and done.

These Motion Pro ones are shite, I bought two and they leak. Also not for FI engines, (I wanted one system regardless).

The Goodridge In-Line Fuel Quick Disconnect Coupling are expensive (that Amazon price is insane, can source for about AUD$60), but with Vitron seal they look good. Anyone else using them, or have alternatives, or alternative techniques to drain tanks at end of the track day.

Also found some 'expensiver looking products at Earls ...