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Thread: Hose and The Marble

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    Hose and The Marble

    Just put new set of plugs in cbr1000 2005 model noticed in a hose that fitts into the cowl just behind the filters has a marble wedged in the hosemfzMW5wuSdC2wJag1dPfRw.jpgY2JMunRgRt+ixgg8Cb0R7Q.jpgycOzI82oSAaUkvJCkMNl4g.jpgdM6YuWUfSB28tmYZ7EtbKw.jpg. The bike has been dynoed twice in the past four years. It runs good but does miss on the straight sometimes not always. Also the vaccum hose underneath the from cowl has also been disconnected and plugged.
    Have no idea so any help appreciated before I connect it back together.

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    The hose and marble lines are probably plugging up the air injection to the exhaust ports. Plugging these up stops the AF reading being wrong on the dyno.They plug into the airbox somewhere

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    Yeah ! thought as much but just wasn`t sure, I`ve taken it out . From what I`ve read it dosen`t matter if its left in or taken out !!

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    It depends if you are running the O2 sensor or not with your system

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