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Thread: FYI Mega's New Track Days Up

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    FYI Mega's New Track Days Up


    Stay Upright have left the building, the domain must have been theirs. Can now book TD's through MEGA here.

    First TD is Sunday week!

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    Yeah, they shut up shop early on the 28th to pack down and move out of the workshop!
    Wonder if much will have changed from MEGA?
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    How was it? I must admit there running of Philip Island RDs last week was fantastic.

    Be good to get that level back at SMSP

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    Can't win sometimes, the last SU trackdays were stinking hot 40C++.

    Then the first MEGA trackday's were cool with overcast / drizzle ... I only got one proper dry session the whole day! Can't blame MEGA for the weather! I actually preferred the rain over that heat. Didn't matter to me too much as I was just tippy toeing around on the new Streetfighter set to DTC level 8.

    Other than that it was a good day. We seemed to have less stoppages. Looking around the carpark the number felt down on full capacity, they would have only had 1/2 to 3/4 capacity.

    No need for helmet scrutineering.
    Bike scrutineering was fast.
    Registration with MCA was fast.

    No automatic CC refund for MCA license that SU used to do. Have to listen for announcement and go and get cash or you miss out.

    I've booked Australia Day long weekend at SMSP. Hoping the weather is kind.


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