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Thread: Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar vs Fiberglass

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    Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar vs Fiberglass

    I was unaware of the two types of glass fibers and that it is 'stronger' than Carbon Fiber.

    I wonder why more fibreglass fairing don't use aramid on the points of the fairing likely to impact the ground? Also wouldn't it make the best tank / case protectors over carbon fiber?

    Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar vs Fiberglass

    Not sure the strand of diamond line is correct.

    Basics of Fiberglass Fabric

    I didn't realise why mat was so useful over standard weave cloth.

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    Seems like the Carbon Fibre can now be made in Australia ... Nick can you organise discounts for off cuts?

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    Theres tables and documents online for weave, gsm and material selection, Its fairly piss easy if you organise it before hand and have the cash to spare. Ive made carbon panels, carbon/aramid panels, even foam core sandwich carbon panels before at uni, just cant spare the cash to do it at home for fun and mould making is a pain in the arse. The good carbon tank sliders have aramid fibre in there too already and the fairings all come with aramid patches at the bolt holes and fixing points. Just change up the layers of weave pattern in the composite and you can make your fairings as strong as you want, only issue is impact and scrape resistance vs weight and thickness. Also the resin is more of an important factor than the material used, there is as many resin mixes and chemicals as there are fibre types.
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