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Thread: OBD2 scan tool

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    OBD2 scan tool

    So there i am trawling through ebay looking to buy a scan tool for checking engine code faults and come across this

    Looking through the fine print , well not that fine, but in bold red letters it states

    "Note: When using this item ,please don't install the battery . It will destroy the item " ???

    so i send them a message "do you mean dont have the 9v battery connected when plugging into the car?"

    there reply
    "Dear customer,
    Hi there,
    Thanks for your interests in our item and your contacts.

    This item is required a 9v battery to work. Also the package does not come with battery.

    Any other questions, just let us know or visit our ads."

    So you need the 9v battery in it to work but installing the battery will destroy the item ??? So i ask them again ...

    "it states in the product description Note: When using this item ,please don't install the battery . It will destroy the item . is this correct ? surely you would need to install a 9v battery for it to work."

    There reply "Yeah, it need the battery to work"

    Am i Missing something here ??? Or if you know of a decent obd2 scan tool that wont destroy itself when being used then send us the details ..
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    Should be fine, mate. After all, what's the worst that can happen. Oh wait....
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    ahhhh I wish you told me this yesterday at the track...I had one plugged into the subi as we talked in the pits

    my version was a bit cheaper but does the same things, reads codes and clears them

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    mine is pretty much one of these

    I use my phone as a display

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