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Thread: Refueling Fires and Mobile Phones ...

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    Refueling Fires and Mobile Phones ...

    I still keep seeing the don't use a mobile sign at service stations whilst refueling ... but we know it's not a source of ignition ... yet nothing warns people about wearing too much nylon.

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    Ha! Nylon

    Actually, us racers need to be careful, as, now that pump handles aren't automatic any more, the biggest cause of fire is when refilling a metal fuel container that isn't sitting on the ground (eg still in the trailer/boot/van). Same thing, a spark between the fuel can and the nozzle, and whumph!
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    Yeah I always fill tanks on the ground and ground the hose before pulling the lever.

    Just amazed that myths like mobile phones as ignition sources can be perpetuated for so long. The dude was from the damn petroleum institute ... he should friggin know!

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